Welcome to the Blue Minaret Literary Journal, a space primarily for and by Muslim writers, poets and artists.  If you are brave yet sensitive, and have a unique perspective of yourself and your identity in the world, we want to hear from you! If you yearn to share everyday Muslim life with others, we want your stories and your art! If you are all of the above, but not a Muslim, that’s perfectly fine with us as well.

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Our Mission

At Blue Minaret we aim to promote a sense of identity among Muslims writers and artists by providing a space for showcasing their talent and networking with each other. We also try to do our part in challenging the typical Islamophobic/colonial/minority narrative around Muslims by offering an alternative portrait through fiction, poetry and art. We would like the rest of the world to see Muslims as normal, ordinary, flawed individuals with the same successes and  struggles, the same disappointments and joys, as everybody else.