Divine Names

By Salma Khan

There are words across my window

words you cannot see

words full of love

reaching out to me


I gaze up at the sun

who gives from himself

his wondrous light –

his contagious warmth

lights me up,

his hug fills my insides


His Name is etched 

in the clouds

His Name is 

in the trees

His Name is in the rain

His Name is in

The moon’s luminosity 


I gaze up at the stars

they reflect His

candescent Light,

I am a nebula full of wonder –

for His Love and

His delight 


I am a sailor in His oceans 

riding the fiery waves 

of love,

I am on an expedition

I’ve burned away 

my tears,

and lost

parts of me 

there of-


I lost myself 

to the flower

of my heart –

I lost myself

when it was crushed,

I gave off the 


of my scent

To the One

That I love 


I became the 

silent words

I became the 

quiet thoughts

I became the 

unexpressed –

when He reached

the recess

of my heart


For silence

is in wonder,

for silence

is His name,

I blossomed

like a flower 

as I read

in His Name


His Names are

in my universe

His Names are

woven in my galaxy

I became the sun,

the moon,

the stars,

uniting in His Love

His Names

are mine

to keep.


Salma Khan is the co-Founder of Rahma Institute in Texas, an organization dedicated into spreading awareness through education in marriage, family, and youth empowerment. She has had a passion for creative writing and poetry from a young age.