May 2015: Blue Minaret Literary Journal is seeking photo essays on topics/themes from the Holy Quran. Artists/photographers may chose any theme they prefer, although popular topics include nature, animals, childhood, parents, family life, love, and much more. Photo essays must include a minimum of five photographs and must be accompanied by a theme name, preferably a verse of the Holy Quran or a part thereof. Amateur photographers and/or the use of mobile cameras are welcome. For questions please visit the Submit page.

April 2015: After careful consideration it has been decided that Blue Minaret will now accept previously published pieces of art, poetry and fiction. We have come to this decision based on a reflection of our overall mission: to showcase the literary talent of Muslims and to portray the Islamic world with all its richness and complexities. By allowing previously published work to be submitted we feel that we will be enhancing and promoting this mission. Please visit our Submit page for details about the submission process.