By Manal Deeb

Primitiveness - Manal Deeb - 2014

Digitally manipulated painting, printed on canvas (year 2014)

Art Statement:

Primitive unconscious beliefs in humanity are naturally born along with the human birth and continue throughout the childhood stages. Those pure beliefs are the natural bridges children rely on to consciously reach out to each other without hesitation and/or boundaries. “Primitiveness” is an artwork that represents the three religions in the innocent, yet strong, faces of the three children of faith overlooking the calamity on earth underneath them. A common bridging statement above them reveals the unconscious message to all humanity that “we have what it takes” to live a peaceful life.  Meanwhile, the children do not stop by sharing a message, but rather take action by spreading a praying rug of thousands of colors to put off the fires and invite all humanity to take a peaceful ride beyond reality to reach into their original “Primitiveness” of being humans born with pure beliefs of acceptance.

About the Artist:

Manal Deeb is an Arab American visual artist out of the Washington DC area. Manal had many solo and group exhibits in Washington DC, New York City, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, New Delhi & Cairo-Egypt. Her  artwork is a reflection of her original identity as an Arab female and the contradiction in living in the US and raising three daughters. Visit her website at