The Search

By Salma Khan

“We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their own selves, until it

becomes manifest to them that this (the Quran) is the truth” (41:53)


I tried to look for You

in gatherings of people

but they had not much to say

so I left


I tried to look for You

in Your houses

but they were empty

the doors closed

so I left


I tried to look for You

amongst scholars

and between books

but they were unwritten


so I left


I left


moving from one place

to another

upturning stones

flipping over leaves

and unbeknownst

I still could not find You


I walked,

I walked,

I walked,

And I became

lonely and tiered,

lonely and tiered,

So lonely and tiered


I turned to Your Book

and I found You there

in between letters and words

layer upon layer

unraveling the unknown

and I found You there

waiting for me

and when I finally opened my eyes

I found You

amongst the gathering of trees

their form and their shapes

I saw the Shahadah in their branches

as they humbly bowed their heads

I found You

as You brushed the sky

with purples oranges and reds

the sun outshining and outstripping

bringing life to what looked dead

I found You

in the flight of birds

their wings flapping

in hope and fear

rising towards You

so they too can be near

I found You

in the light

of the moon

amongst twinkling of stars

in shadows,

I found You

in a blossoming rose bush

in children’s laughter

in the rain that pitter-patters

in the thunder that rumbles your Name

and I found You

in the silence of the night,

when all was asleep

You woke me from my dreams

I found You in between my heart

and in between tears

I found You.

I found You.


I found You.

I found You,

In Me.


Salma Khan is the co-Founder of Rahma Institute in Texas, an organization dedicated into spreading awareness through education in marriage, family, and youth empowerment. She has had a passion for creative writing and poetry from a young age.